Aaron Timberlake, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is fast becoming a force in the international music scene. Not only is every one is his live sets different and unique from the last, but he knows exactly who he is as a DJ: a creative tastemaker who’s able to drive a thriving dance party with the same ease that he can a set the mood by choreographing an afternoon poolside jam session. T. Lake’s sincerity is hard to come by and it’s exactly why this fast rising star has developed such a solid following. In a world where too many people play for the wrong reasons, T.Lake is able to do what too many fail to do- he has found a core audience that appreciates his witty vocal personality, his entertaining, yet energetic style, and his ability to involve every one at the parties he plays. “I’ve always been open to all genre’s of music, just as long as it sounds good and it’s something that you can dance to”

T. Lake’s style of mixing can sound upbeat and commercial when rocking out a party and can stretch into genres that range from hip hop hits, to r&b favorites, to electronic classics, to standard party records from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. He’s been referred to as DJ AM meets Kid Capri or A-Trak mixed with Afrojack. However, all the comparisons don’t do justice to the fact that T. Lake’s style is simply unique. The variety of his music choice is striking. With the energy of his track selections and mixing techniques used, he communicates subtle stories through blends and fades that bring a dance party to the maximum heights of enjoyment for all of in attendance. And the common theme and result is energy. T. Lake mixes from his heart and from his soul and creates a soundscape that tells a story we can all relate to.

T. Lake has been a Master of Ceremonies and guest DJ entertaining audiences all over the world from his hometown of Detroit, Michigan in US, to Italy, Spain, Australia, and Mexico just to name a few countries